This site...

- has a custom backend written in Go using minimal dependencies.

- was designed for the web. The real web; not the mobile-web. It is responsive, but best represented in a 1280p-width or larger viewport.

- has been redesigned four times.. I decided to stop hosting the most recently retired site to free up resources on the vps to allow for a Redis instance.

- 's content is written in markdown (because it's the best way to write general text content).

- is hosted on a self-managed VPS. Cloudflare is my CDN and DNS proxy.

- doesn't track you. It does, however collect some basic anonymous analytics that can be viewed by anyone here.


- the theme for this site started with #EC4625

- I know next to nothing about color theory, and used colorhexa to find other suitable colors.

- ex. the color for hyperlinks, #2568EC, isn't the HTML5 default #0000EE, but instead the split-complementary of #EC4625

- the body font is Inter and the display font is Red Hat Mono